ACX-24 Access Control Door Controller

If you have buildings or rooms where you want to secure access by using a magnetic swipe card, then this is the product for you.
Why use Access Control?

Our Access Control system allows you to have complete control of access for both staff and visitors and into separate areas of any type of building. Sophisticated and totally up-to-date, you will be able to decide and programme:

  • Who you wish to enter and exit
  • Which areas they can have access to
  • When they can enter or exit

Your safety and control will all be taken care of simply and easily by the fitting of our prestige quality system. Our clients use the product for many reasons; to provide secure access and control for offices, schools, hospitals, golf and leisure clubs, gyms, warehouses, factories, flats, self-storage facilities and a whole lot more. For any organisation, establishment or business that needs to guarantee that only certain people have access to the building, our product provides the perfect solution.

Why our product?

Electronic Access Control Systems such as the ACX-24 offer far more advantages than the traditional key-based access control methods. With our product in place, you immediately make cost savings, have increased security and total convenience. You do not need to deal with the cutting and issuing of keys or keeping tags on who has one and access is provided immediately to those chosen by you. As you expand or wish to increase visitor rate, upgrades can be made to the system quickly and efficiently.

The advantages of our Electronic Access System

If security and peace of mind are important to you, then our product ticks all of the boxes. Here are just a few of the advantages that the ACX-24 provides you with:

  • Convenient access via card – forget about heavy, clumsy keys
  • Total security – access is tracked by each card so you are always in control
  • You will be made aware of any valid or invalid attempts at entry via Access Controlled doors
  • No need for locks on doors or the cutting and distribution of many keys
  • Buildings and rooms can be locked and unlocked according to your preferred timed programme
  • Our access cards can hold photo ID, thereby serving as identification credentials
  • Visitor badges and logging function are supported by the system
  • Provides building automation alarm monitoring and automatic notification of events via email or any other preferred method